“Museum Würth 2” app: Reinhold Würth and his art collection - digitally!


Visitors of Museum Würth 2 can enjoy their individual guided tour using the app of the same name on their smartphone or a loan unit.

Whether in the exhibition, in the extensive sculpture garden, at home or on the road—with the app you can now get very close to the Würth Collection. In addition to an audio guide, the app offers numerous illustrations, reading material, navigation and service information. The app also portrays the Würth Group, Carmen Würth Forum, the Würth Collection and the collector Reinhold Würth, and provides useful information on cultural activities related to literature, art and music.

In the foyer of Museum Würth 2, a handmade globe impresses with places and events that play an important role in the life of Reinhold Würth. The gigantic globe—with a diameter of almost 1.30 meters—was created on the occasion of his 83rd birthday. Users can now use the app to go on a virtual trip around the world with Reinhold Würth and learn more about the milestones in the entrepreneur’s life. The “Museum Würth 2” app is available free of charge in German and English in the AppStore or at Google Play.

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