Würth presents ProfiButler at CeBIT


Künzelsau/Hanover. In cooperation with Deutsche Telekom and the Hamburg-based company feldsechs service GmbH Würth developed the ProfiButler, also called WürthButler. It is a logistics system solution to simplify transport and material procurement processes. From 16 to 20 March 2015, five prototypes of the mobile WürthButler were presented at this year's CeBIT in Hanover.

The WürthButler is an adaption of the "PaketButler" – a solution that facilitates private customers to receive the parcel if it cannot be handed over personally. Both system solutions were developed within the framework of an innovation campaign by Deutsche Telekom, feldsechs service GmbH and Würth. As licensee, feldsechs service GmbH is responsible for the production and the development of the WürthButler. Both Würth and feldsechs take responsibility for marketing and commercialization. Within the framework of a pilot project, Würth's ProfiButler is put to the test exclusively in Germany. "We see the development of the WürthButler as another innovation to complement our logistics services. The ProfiButler allows for parcel delivery that is independent from individuals or opening times," says Bernd Herrmann, member of the management of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG. The ProfiButler supports either mobile or stationary use and simplifies the logistics processes of the forwarder and the recipient's materials procurement. This logistics system solution can be used universally and for the purposes of numerous industries without any problems.

The WürthButler is available in two versions: as mobile solution for vehicles and as a stationary one for construction sites and branch offices. The solution for vehicles consists of a weather-resistant mobile box that can be attached to any vehicle. It is theft-proof and facilitates flexible delivery. The construction site box is set up at the construction site and serves as collecting point for material deliveries or returns. The branch office box developed by Würth and equipped with the system solutions of Telekom and feldsechs serves as time-independent delivery location right at the sales branch. Materials and tools can also be picked up after hours.

"In addition to our Würth Express Service that guarantees same-day delivery, the WürthButler is supposed to offer another unique selling proposition on the market. The advantage of the WürthButler is that only the recipient and the parcel service provider can open or close the box with a special code. In the future, the customer will be informed and provided with a code to open the box via WürthApp or text message as soon as the parcel has been deposited in the WürthButler. The reliable and extensive mobile phone network of our cooperation partner Telekom comes in handy here", says Thomas Wahl, Head of Supply Chain Management of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG.

The test phase encompasses several months and will decide on the expansion of production as well as an area-wide implementation as part of the logistics processes.

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