Fighting climate change in the focus of the UN Climate Change Conference: Würth talks about responsible consumption


Würth is part of the Vision 2045 campaign, which takes place in parallel with the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. The key issue of Vision 2045 is the fight against climate change and the contribution of companies to achieving the 1.5-degree target set out in the Paris Agreement. Norbert Heckmann, Chairman of the Management of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG, reported on Würth’s measures to achieve sustainable and responsible consumption at the campaign event in Edinburgh.

We want to become carbon neutral with respect to Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2024 and operate as circular as possible by 2030.
Norbert Heckmann, Chairman of the Management of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

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The company based in Künzelsau has already launched several projects: The VARIFIX quick assembly system was further developed in 2015 and first certified according to Cradle to Cradle standards in 2017. Moreover, Würth uses packaging made of 100 percent post-consumer recycled materials (PCR), i.e. plastic waste recycled in Germany’s dual system for packaging recycling. This packaging also received a Cradle to Cradle™ certification and made it to final of the National German Sustainability Award in the Design category. The changeover to the new packaging will save around 45 tons of new plastic every year, reducing CO2 emissions by 77 percent.

These pilot projects have been extremely successful. We feel that we can really make a difference, which motivates our employees, customers and suppliers, who want to take an active share in shaping change. It is all the more important to share these positive experiences with and roll them out in other companies of the Würth Group. This way we can act as a multiplier both within the Group and through our more than four million customers worldwide.
Norbert Heckmann, Chairman of the Management of Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG

The background of the Vision 2045 campaign is the 100th anniversary the United Nations will celebrate in 2045. The principles laid down by the United Nations to promote prosperity and peace in the world, the so-called 17 Sustainable Development Goals, remain valid to this day. Vision 2045 focuses on companies that have successfully integrated these principles into their business models. During the event, representatives of the 45 companies selected will discuss their projects and objectives with respect to sustainability in panel discussions.


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The Würth Group is the global market leader in its core business: the production of fastening and assembly materials. Other wholesale and production companies, the so-called Allied Companies, operate in related areas, including electrical wholesaling, electronics and financial services. More than 81,000 employees in 400 companies operating over 2,400 branch offices and shops in more than 80 countries form part of the Würth Group. The Group achieved sales of EUR 14.4 billion in fiscal year 2020.

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