Würth donates EUR 1.7 million to Reinhold-Würth-Schule primary school and day care center in Gaisbach


The town of Künzelsau is growing, and so should its schools and day care centers. Therefore, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG donated EUR 1.7 million for the new building of the primary school and the expansion of the day care center in the Gaisbach part of Künzelsau.

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In the Gaisbach part of Künzelsau, where the Würth company is headquartered, the town administration expects the number of citizens to double in the years to come, partly owing to the Haselhöhe I & II areas of new housing. At its meeting on 13 June 2023, the local council of Künzelsau therefore agreed to an architectural design competition for the comprehensive further development of the primary school and day care center infrastructure in Gaisbach. The campus in Gaisbach is expected to make this part of the town even more attractive, especially for young families.

The architectural design competition for the future development and design of the 1.9-hectare area around Reinhold-Würth-Schule primary school, the multi-purpose hall, and the adjacent urban areas is scheduled to begin in 2023. A completely new school building with cafeteria and schoolyard as well as a community and family center including a day care center for children are planned. Playing and sports areas will also be on the campus in Gaisbach. “Good day care centers and schools are a central criterion for parents when deciding where to live and work. Therefore, Würth as a family business fully supports the idea of including an education infrastructure in the development plans of the prosperous Gaisbach part of Künzelsau, allowing it to grow with it,” said Norbert Heckmann. Together with Maria Würth, Deputy Executive Vice President of the Würth Group for Arts and Culture, he handed over the donation check to Künzelsau mayor Stefan Neumann on 4 July 2023. “My grandfather has always attached great importance to giving something back to the society we live in. This donation puts his stance into practice. Children need the best educational opportunities from the very beginning,” said Maria Würth. Mayor Stefan Neumann thanked Würth for its important contribution: “Given the continuous growth of Gaisbach, it is essential to expand our educational and day care centers. The local council, the council of Gaisbach, and the town administration have intensively been dealing with this topic for some time now. The exceptionally high donation from the Würth company provides the decisive tailwind to this development.”

After the small ceremony, Adolf Würth GmbH & Co. KG treated all the students present to a round of ice cream.

The architectural design competition is scheduled to be completed in 2024. After that, the winner’s design will be put into effect. The town administration estimates the total investment to amount to around EUR 30 million. Should the investigations and discussions show that the multi-purpose hall does not suffice in terms of space, the costs will increase. The inauguration of the new building of Reinhold-Würth-Schule primary school and the new community and family center is planned for 2027 or 2028.

67 children in four classes are currently attending Reinhold-Würth-Schule primary school. In the years to come, the school will no longer require one but two classes per grade. As of 2029, three classes per grade might be necessary. The day care center in Silcherstrasse currently consists of three groups with 65 children. In the medium term, up to six groups will be needed. The local council of Künzelsau has already approved the invitation to tender for the implementation of a six-group day care center in Silcherstrasse.